Who wants Jordan almonds anyway? When I go to a wedding, I appreciate being sent home with a thoughtful and creative favor that reminds me of the couple. Since my husband and I LOVE experimenting with well-crafted cocktails, we decided to make these homemade rhubarb bitters from Serious Eats (along with cedar, orange and lavender) to give to our guests.

Turns out making bitters is pretty simple. We had so much fun that we will definitely be experimenting with other flavor combinations to share with you.

First things first. What the heck are cocktail bitters?
Bitters are a high proof base alcohol that has been infused with various herbs, fruits, spices and roots (or any combination). They are used in small amounts (usually a dash or two) to finish a cocktail, often giving it greater depth. Think of bitters less like a garnish and more like adding a pinch of salt to your soup.

Finding the more obscure ingredients proved to be the biggest challenge. No worries, I’m here to share. We ended up finding everything we needed between the Spice Station, Herbs of Mexico and the Dandelion Botanical Company. You’re welcome ;).

After we had our final product, it was time to bottle. Since we were going for the vintage look, we ordered these 1 oz. amber bottles and decided to add our own monogram using Avery 8293 mailing labels.

We LOVED the way they turned out (sorry, we didn’t get a closeup of the rhubarb bitters) and got so many compliments from our guests.
What was the most creative wedding favor you’ve ever received?