This past weekend (and I use the term very loosely since it was actually more like a Monday and Tuesday) we celebrated our wedding anniversary by eating and drinking our way through California wine country. I can’t believe it’s been two years since we were all like this:

Crazy how time flies, right?

We started out the weekend with lunch at Auberge du Soleil (because let’s face it, we’ll never be able to afford to stay there). The views were ah-ma-zing so obviously we had to take a selfie ;).

Next we moseyed on over to Healdsburg, CA where we made the first of two stops at Shed’s Fermentation Bar. I love a good kombucha, but this was my first trip to a bar dedicated to fermented drinks (think kombucha, shrubs, and kefir water). It was RAD!

With our bellies now full of good bacteria, we figured it couldn’t hurt to stop by Bear Republic for a little retox beer tasting.